Shimmersoufle and glitter liner


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Hi fellow spectra memebers! i have the Shimmersoufle Shimmerati and the Sun Brown glitter liner. honestly i really dont know wat to do with them. i tried using it over a pink shadow, it looks so glittery. the sunbrown glitter liner makes me look sweaty.
i would actually like to give it away or swap the sun brown glitter liner but no one seem to want it. i tried putting it on my friend and she was like NOOOOOO........ lol hehe


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The shimmerati i like to use on my body as a highlighter, mostly arms and cleavage...i sometimes use it on my browbone, but i just put a little. I also have the sunbrown...I like to wear it packed on my upper eyelashes...i dont like it as much on the lower...but on the top makes your eyes shine...especially if u have brown/copper e/s on. good luck!

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