shimmery purples for NC42


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so I've been bitten by the pigment bug and I've accumulated a bunch of samples, mostly neutrals, but I also have a few pinks, blues, and greens and I'd like to get some violet/purples. I'm an NC42 in Studio Fix powder and I want some light to medium purples b/c dark purple makes me look like I got socked up, lol. Any suggestions? Sorry if this is in the wrong section!


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Re: shimmery purples

Lovely Lily is a great lavender/lilac
Violet is a must have as far as bright vivid purple
and is Grape is gorgeous


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Violet Pigment definitly! Try using a bit of water or Fix + first on the lid though and see if you don't find that makes it a lot brighter
Entraumauve pigment is nice too! And I really like using cream colour base or paint pots or fluidlines as a base for pigments! :0)


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thanks everyone for the suggestions! I got Violet and Lovely Lily and they're both so pretty! I'd love to get my hands on a full sized jar of Entremauve, but I can't find anyone selling one anywhere so I'm trying to not to use my sample
what are some good combo recs for a violet/purple eye look? also, what's the difference between the first release of Lovely Lily and the new one? TIA!