Shockwave-Fafi Eyes 2


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I got the Fafi Eyes 2 quad, and I quite like it. The 4 colours work really well together. But I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the orange shade, Shockwave, apart from using it with the other e/s in the quad? From what I hear and see on swatches it is identical to another DC colour called Peppier (which I don't have) so if you have any good combos with Peppier they would work also!


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On this website you can find combos for both Peppier and Shockwave (much more for Peppier though):

MAC Eyeshadow Combinations - Updated 12/17/07

...And here's a combo I got from Email an Artist when I asked what to do with Peppier:

- Apply MELON Pigment over your eyelids using M·A·C Brush #252 as a base.
- Highlight your brow bone with MOTIF Frost Eye Shadow with M·A·C Brush #242.
- Sweep PEPPIER Eye Shadow through the crease of your eyes with M·A·C Brush #224.
- Use the same brush, blend ANTIQUED Eye Shadow in the outer crease to add depth.
- Line your eyes with TEDDY Eye Kohl Pencil and finish with ALL BLACK Fibre Rich Lash Mascara applied to your upper and lower lashes.


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