Short handled SYNTHETIC brushes. Help me?


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Does anyone here know a brand where I can get a reasonable sized set of synthetic brushes which are LESS than 6 inches in lenth. (8-12 brushes pref)

Either internet or UK store please.

I have been using brushes which are about 14/15 inches long and as fantastic as the weight balance on them is, I don't really want to pack a brush roll larger than a limb when I go on holiday.

I don't give half a damn what they *look* like, I'm not too fussed on price (within reason) but I only use synthetics and everything I have seen has no reviews/feedback/clues to quality.

If anyone knows where I can get decent brushes in a multicoloured set (either handles or brushes) I will love you forever!!

I'm only interested in sets though, single brushes eff me off.

Thanks in advance!


(Also if anyone is selling a set of short brushes please let me know?)


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I only know eco-tool which are short handled synthetic - they are not coloured tho - you can get some sets but iam not entirely sure. I just found some in TKmaxx today (ireland) ive heared nothing but good things about them! not sure where you can buy online - google it and iam sure you can find some on ebay


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Look for brushes sold in sets. They usually are shorter length and will come with a roll or cosmtic case to store them in(which is always nice.) Too Faced is a really good brand if u like pink, they use ''teddy bear hair'' lol I swear they feel sooooo soft, u'll never want any other brush brand to touch ur face.


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I use only synthethic brushes too! I found one set with short handles from ebay few years ago. I think I did a vegan make up brushes search and found it that way. Also, if you ever want to buy singles (which usually are better quality), awesome vegan brushes you can find from Illamasqua, Eco-tools (has sets too), some Mac (like 242,252,209,210,212,190,194 etc.), Urban Decay, Coastal Scents, Too Faced, Hard Candy (I believe they have a set available?) and E.L.F has some synthetic brushes too.