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Simple, easy way to clean your make-up brushes.

Honestly, it's so simple! I've noticed that a lot of people take this too seriously, yes, keeping up and cleaning your applicators is a must, wouldn't want bacteria build up or maybe some caked on old foundation or eye shadow creeping up while you're trying to apply different make-ups. But seriously, the best and easiest way if to just use liquid dish soap. Mhmm, that's right. Warm water, then apply the dish soap, rub in really well and then wash off all of the soap and then the make-up should wash away with it. Then just let the brushes air dry!
IMHO I also think a good bar soap works well to clean makeup brushes. I've used Dove, Ivory, and Johnson and Johnson's bar soap and it leaves my brushes really clean :)

Claire Dunn

i normally use shampoo or shower gel to clean my makeup brushes. i just deep them into the soapy water for a while and rinse them properly. i do that once a week and everyone should be doing the same, otherwise dirty makeup brushes and sponges can cause pimple or other skin problems. i've read about this in a tumblr post and there i found some other useful tips too, you should have a look too.
I love mixing in a bit of cleansing oil (Garnier has a great one that's cheap!) with whatever liquid soap I'm using (shampoo is always a good option). The combination of the oil and the cleanser seems to bust the makeup off even faster! It's especially good for Real Techniques brushes which I find hold on to product a bit more.

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