Simple...Parfait Amour as Liner


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This is, like, my 2nd EOTD...not very experienced with makeup, but since it's nice and springy out, I decided to make an attempt. Sorry for the bad quality of pics...and also you can't see the lining on the top because of my creaseless eyes hehe.





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Thanks so much! The camera didn't really catch my true skintone, though..I'm a little more darker and tanned. Any suggestions on what other eyeshadows and/or eyeliners would look good on me? Haven't gotten any MAC stuff in a few months, it's time for a haul :p


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how about some great fluidliners? they would really help make your eyes POP out too!!

I would think Macroviolet, Blue Peep, Blacktrack (always a necessary...a good black!), and Brassy or Richground can wear anything! Shroom, Trax, Amber Lights, Mythology, Mulch, Paradisco, Sushi Flower, Jext, Haut, Hepcat

I think these would be nice on you! There's some purples, neutrals, and pinks...

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