Sister Wedding Pic and me........


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I went to Pakistan to attand my sister wedding. Here are some pictures i wanted to share. Those are also my first time pictures on Specktra.

Her wedding day.

After Wedding day reception.


Me Simi


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You both have such a unique look. She looked INCREDIBLE on her wedding day! I love the bright colors and her make up looked great!


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Gorgeous, love that lip color for the wedding day it matches her jewelry and ornamentation perfectly. You look great Simi, thanks for sharing these pictures with us.


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Originally Posted by Shimmer
Moved to Say Cheese forum per FOTD guidelines.

Sorry to posting those pictures on wrong forms. I really wanted to share about makeup but didn't have idea at all what she used for bridal makeup. For me i didn't remember the all makeup name. All I know it was brand Mac makeup
. I am trying to memorize product name.

I never used makeup before in my life. Since i found specktra web site i became big fan of Mac makeup. I appreciate the all help from people on the website. I really learnt a lot from here.

Thanks a lot


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YOu both are so pretty! I love the color choices for your sister's mu. It matches exactly with the dress....sooo gorgeous!!!

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