Skincare newbie - need help/recommendations!


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So i admit - when i was younger, no one ever told me you needed to take care of your skin etc etc..

so up until now i never really took care of my skin, when i was a teenager, i'd sleep in my make-up or just wipe it off with a wipe and go on with my day..

and i took for granted my amazing skin as a teen too

i had the most silkiest skin in the world.. after i had my two girls.. my skin is the total opposite and since i never really knew how to manage my skin because i didn't have a problem.. i'm totally suffering from it now! (well i think i am at least)..

i think my skin type is normal/oily (like cheeks are normal, and t-zone - mainly nose is oily.. someone told me it's "normal" oil)

i do break out during that time of the month when my monthly friend comes.. but other than that usually no problem.. but i don't use moisturizer on a daily basis and i know i should - but i don't know what to get, what to look for?

and also .. under eye wrinkles are bothering me!! i'm only 24 and i cannot stand whenever i put concealer there to conceal my darn dark circles (i'm an insomniac to boot).. it just sinks into the fine lines/wrinkles under my eyes. i've tried putting less and changing things up a bit.. but it's just so cakey looking even using the tiniest amount and following youtube videos etc!

so i guess i need an undereye cream too?

and then for skin - it's so dry what gives?!! i put lotion on or creams and 20 minutes later it looks like the sahara desert!

someone please tell me what i need? or what you'd recommend?

right now this is what is use for my "regime"...

facial wash - purpose gentle cleansing wash (i use this either day or night cause i take off my make-up with it) i also use Biore unclogging scrub in the morning - or like.. every other day

toner - the body shop tea tre skin clearing toner (i use this morning and night after i wash my face - is this too much?)

moisturizer - only had a few samples here and there, nothing that really wowed me to buy it.. like dior = made me oily etc..

body soap - Tone Almond Milk body wash - smells good - but swear thats all.. and pfft it doesn't even last that long..

lotion - aveeno daily moisturizing lotion - this has been okay. but like i mentioned after a bath it feels amazing but 20 minutes later dry

any recommendations on products? i don't care what it is as long as i can get it (without having to order online).. and it's not like TOO expensive but works lol..

thanks in advanced!


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1. for combo skin i like the korres yogurt line. you know those activia commercials with the dancing tummy? Basically the yogurt balances your digestive system, and it will do the same for your face! it will balance the oily and dry sections. there is a mask and a moisturizer you can try.

if your constantly dry, you might have very dehydrated skin. i know this sounds werird considering your oily. its basically that the skin doesnt feel you have enough hydration, so it goes into over production with oil, causing combination skin. So a mask might help, as well as a great moisturizer. i liek the korres wild rose 24 hr moisturizer.

as for your eyes i have 2 steps that will nip those wrinkes in the buttocks!!! 1 is a serum by ole henriksen called... something vitamin c. its for teh eyes and in an orange tube. basically you put it on at night under an eye cream. it will be your treatment for all eye concerns; wrinkles, hydration, puffiness, dark circles.
i would then layer that (am and pm) with an eye cream. if you want to go natural the korres quecertine and oak is LOVLEY. if your a chemical kinda girl, the rexaline eye hydra dose is very popular.

check out reviews on and remember to ask for samples at your local sephora!!!

just fyi, eye creams take a long time to work, so your sample might not make a hugh diff in the sample's span.


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My dermatologist recommended me the Uriage skin care line for combination oily skin and I never used anything more again!

The moisturizer with AHA makes your skin look flawless and glowy without looking oily. If you have dry patches or any black or white heads they will disappear :)

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