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How can I make my face glow? Does milk lighten skin? How can I become fair instantly?
Why do you hate your current skintone? What is so wrong with deeper skin that you have this need to be lighter?

Deep skin is beautiful. Please learn to love it and rid yourself of your internalized colourism.
What should be in a skin care routine? Which is the best skin care products in India?
Most of the members of Specktra (myself included) live in the West so we have no idea what's available in regards to brands where you live, or even brands that will ship to India.

Basic skincare routine is cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen in the daytime; first cleanse, second cleanse, retinol (especially from your late 20s or early 30s onward), moisturize. All products should suit your skintype.
How can I moisturize my skin fast?
What do you mean? Are you talking about how to help your skin retain moisture?
Good vitamins to take for healthy skin?
I don't subscribe to the idea that supplementation can help skin as much as good skincare can.


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Also, you do not need to start multiple threads when you have questions, just continue this one.

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