Slangin' Makeup at the Department Store---Stories, Challenges, Tips, and Tricks.


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Hi, all! I thought we could use a thread for the makeup artists to share their experiences and advice about life behind the makeup counter. Feel free to ask questions, share trade secrets, express things that may be challenging for you.

*Remember to keep your store name and location confidential!*

I'll start us off with a question for my other makeup gurus :)

Q: I find textured skin difficult to work on. How do you make skin that is bumpy, uneven, with that orange peel texture and/or visible pores look as smooth as possible? A lot of times just a smearing of primer doesn't do the trick.

Tip: If your client's eyes start watering, give them a Q-tip and ask them to put it in their tearduct and blink 3 times.

Tip: When demonstrating foundation or concealer, do half of your client's face first so they can see what a difference the product makes.

Tip: If you are out of petri dishes at work and it seems like they never restock them, go to a craft store and get a small circular mirror to use as a pallet. Also, I've found it helpful to bring your own notepad (with cute paper!), pen, lash scissors, lash glue, personal business cards, and LISTERINE STRIPS! You can store keep all of these in your brush belt.

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I personally moisturize like a mother!!!! Use a gel-based product for oilier skin types & a creamier hydrator for drier types. I prefer cream or gel foundations that melt into the skin, follower by a finely milled powder to further buff out texture. TIP: Try using an angle brush with your pencil liners. It seems simple, but I always seem to get the client with allergies/sensitive eyes who blinks alot. Youl will spend less time fixing mess ups. Also, dedicate yourself to one soft minimalist weeks per shift. Something about understated, yet glamorous makeup will draw in clients and make them feel that beautiful makeup is attainable at home.