Smallville!!! Anyone else lurrrve? hehe


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I am a huuuge Smallville fan!! I get so excited every week for new episodes... I just watched this weeks online today

I can't wait till next thursday, so I can find out what Lex has found in that crystal!!! Will he be able to control Clark?! ..... I think not
And is it bad that I find Lex even sexier now that hes gone all evil inside? lol..

Any other fans out there?

M.A.C. head.

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New season starts tonight!!!

I'm so freaking excited after that finale they had. The WHOLE series has lead up to this! Smallville party at MY house!!! Yaaaaaaay!


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I love it!
Huge Lex fan....Your right hes really sexy but I have no idea why I am attracted to him!
I think hes got the whole bad boy image going on!