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Hi all,

So I have one major blessing in life: I was born with perfect hair. (Please note, however, that I cannot draw, dance, or balance my checkbook
) I am a natural Malfoy blonde, and my hair has just enough body to hold any style I want it to, but it doesn't go nuts in humidity. I do have one hair problem, though, and I'm hoping for some help.

Because I burn easily and am pale (I'm a MAC 15, but I have a neutral skin tone so NC vs. NW depends on the product), I stay out of the sun as though my life depends on it. I never leave the house without SPF15 sunblock all over my face and neck, even in the winter. The fact that I'm rapidly approaching 30 may have something to do with this, too, but either I'm going nuts or my hair is getting a little darker, especially on the underside. I definitely have color problems in the winter; from about December through March the underside of my hair turns orange. I know it's natural for some blonde children to get darker as they hit puberty, but I'm way past that.

My question is: What are some of your favorite blonde products to maintain color? I feel silly going for highlights, because my hair is light already. I've tried John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo, which sucks, and I just got a bottle of ArTec shampoo for blondes on my mom's recommendation. Also, can I use products intended for color-treated blondes without damaging my hair?

Thanks for your help!


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I like the Matrix colour protect line. It is supposed to be for colour treated hair, but it helps remove impurities to maintain colour, and I think that's what your problem is. Impurities in the water source can change your haircolour so you need something to remove them. I have blonde highlights in my dark brown hair and I always notice that when I go and stay at my mom's house, they go orange. As soon as I come home and start using my shampoo again, the colour goes back to blonde. HTH.


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Also Aveda does a blue conditioner that neutrilizes unwanted tones in blonde hair. It's expensive but worth it.

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