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I recently discovered Smashbox via my CCO and I've really liked the items I've tried. So I was wondering are there any Smashbox products you ladies have in your kit that you can't live without?

I saw a preview of their upcoming collection with Santigold and fell in love with this little snake ring:

Be Legendary Lipstick Ring: A Smashbox first! This collectible snake-pyramid ring is adorned with Swarovski crystals and has a limited-edition shade of Be Legendary Lipstick hidden inside. ($49)

I seriously need that ring in my life! It's so adorable!

Here's a pic of the full line:


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Love the Be Legendary lipsticks. I really want to try the new Be Legendary glosses. Love the CC cream and the Always Sharp liners.


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I saw the new Be Legendary Glosses at Nordstrom's yesterday. I tried a few on. I went for Cognac first since I have Cognac in the lipstick. I liked it but it was similar in tone to a gloss I just bought at the Mac counter a few minutes earlier so I decided to wait on it. I will probably go back for it because I love the idea of a matching gloss. I don't think it was quite as opaque as the Mac one so it will probably layer better but I could definitely see myself wearing it alone. I also liked the looks of the Black Tied gloss. It was a black shimmery gloss. I could feel the particles a bit but I love a shimmer gloss and don't mind stuff like that but others might. It really wasn't bad but it was just not as smooth feeling at Cognac. I decided to wait on these as Nordies is having triple points next week and I just felt I could wait until then or later. Plus, I bought 2 glosses at other counters that couldn't wait until next week.


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oh dear.. I have forgotten about these.. I have a few and will drag out and use them. TY for the reminders!

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