Smoke Signal Pigment Question


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ok so i got it in the mail, i tried it on with other stuff

and i really hate it


can anyone suggest something pretty with it? or a picture u might have done an fotd with it on?

thanks in advance lovelies


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I liked it with some Hellium pigment in the inner corners and SS on the entire lid. I *think* I used something like Beauty Marked in the crease. All I know is that it needs a good base to blend evenly. Good luck!


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i love smoke signal pigment!!!!! love love love it

I use UDPP, then layer on some smoke signal, then I layer on some thunder eyeshadow on top, outter v I just use a light color like cumulus eyeshadow..inner I use carbon or beauty mark, mixed with a light highlighter and voila...a beautiful eye color! and i have brown eyes


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I use it as a liner a lot, and as a beautiful crease shade. It's really great for smokey neutrals or being used instead of black for anything.


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thank you all so much

well, i did a look 2 nights ago with it and it was beautiful.i should have taken a pic but i was rushed out of the house to get some groceries lol. ill try and recreate it tonight. im going to dinner tonight with my friend. were going to glam up for my bday dinner

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