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smokey eyes !!!


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Thank You for the tutorial, it's always nice to learn something new and do it correctly the first time. Thanks.


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This is a great example of blending. Nice job. I am having the hardest time fine a liner that won't run on me. The usual work well for others, that I have in my kit....but for me I always end up looking like a raccoon.


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AWSOME TUT!! and your skin is FLAWLESS


OMGAH. I`m definitely gonna try this!

This is soo pretty. Yur eyecolor is so nice too :]


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Thanks so much for posting this tut! I saw the eotd and thought 'ooo i'm gonna try it' but didn't quite know how you used each item to create such a smooth finish! Really pretty! I'm gonna give it a go!
tHanks again!