Smokey Heatherette NC43-44


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Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Amy. How may I assist you?
Steph: Hi Amy,I was just wondering if you could help me put a smokey eye nude lip combo using heatherette products I am an NC 43-44
Amy: Hi Steph, I would love to! One moment please while I put a look together for you.
Steph: Thank you
Amy: Thank you for your patience while I continue to finish your look.
Steph: No problem
Amy: Thank you for holding Steph, for a smoky eye look start with MAC
Amy: Sharkskin Shadestick over your eyelids with Cloudburst Eye Shadow patted on top using brush 242.
Amy: In the crease of your eyes, add Mood Ring Eye Shadow using Brush 224.
Amy: Highlight below your brow and along the tops of your cheekbones with Hoppin' Eye Shadow.
Amy: Line your upper and lower lashes with Phone Me/Text Me Duel Edge Eye Pencil.
Amy: One moment please for lips, Steph.....
Steph: yes ma'am
Amy: Go for an all ove skin glow by applying MAC Beauty Powder in shade: Smooth Harmony using Brush 187. For your lips, line with MAC Cremestick Liner Sweet Brown. Apply MAC Lipstick Fleshpot lightly to your lips and dab MAC Tinted Lipglass Bonus Beat on top for a beautiful nude effect.
Steph: That sounds gorgeous Amy. Thank you so much. Do you mind answering another question I have?
Amy: Go right ahead, Steph.
Steph: Can a person of my skin tone wear Melrose Mood lipstick.It looks so pretty
Amy: Yes, you can. Make sure to apply it over freshly moisturized lips. Use your favourite lip balm then lightly dab Melrose Mood on your lips and top lightly with a soft gloss in the same shade(Starlet Kiss Tinted Lipglass) to soften the effect. Very pretty for you as well.
Steph: Well Thank you so much for your help.I think I'm buying everything from the Heatherette collection and I have all the brushes you mentioned.Thank you again and have a great evening
Amy: Thank you so much, Steph! Please let us know if you need anything else.
Steph: I will Thank you
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