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Smoky Eyes


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What i Used:
Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC Fluid liner: Blacktrack
MAC E/S:Corduroy(On My Brows),Black Tied,Carbon,Nocturnelle,Parfait Amour,Vellum
Maybelline Pure Makeup: Light
Lips:MAC:Snob,NYC clear lipgloss
Mascara:Clinique Blackest Black
Tools I Used:


Start w/a clean face

Dip ur 242 brush in Bare Study Paint Pot

Add that 2 ur lid's and all over

Then take that same brush and dip that into Blacktrack Fluidline

Add it to just ur lid

That is what is should look like when ur done

Then take ur 239 brush and dip it in Carbon E/S

This is what is should look like

Take the same brush and dip it into Black Tied E/S

This is what should look like

Take the 275 Brush and Dip it into Nocturnelle and add it to ur crease

And this it looks like UNBLENDED

Ur gonna now take the 219 brush and add Parfait Amour to ur inner corner of ur eyes like so

What it looks like together

Now take ur 252 brush and dip it into Vellum

How it should look like with Vellum on ur browbone

How it should look like blended finally

Now I am doing my foundation(Use whatever is ur skin tone color).I did this b/c of me using black eyeshadow

What it looks like on my face

Finally when its completely when its blended

Now take the 219 Brush and dip it back into Parfait Amour and it to ur lower lash line

How it looks

How ur eyes should look like

Dip ur 266 brush in Corduroy-Srry 4got 2 take a pix of brows & me doing my lashes

Now 4 Mascara

Now Take Snob Lipstick or whatever color u like and apply it 2 ur lips & add clear gloss 2

what ur lips should look like


THANX 4 Looking ppl


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That's really cute! Lovely touch of purple!
Great tut.

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