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Hmm, Im kindof confused here so maybe you guys can help me out. My mua told me I was an NW20 in studio sculpt foundation, well i took the sample home and tried it and it looked too light and kind of cakey on me, also confusing is a diff mua matched me with NW20 concealer its select moisture cover witch is fine as a concealer. I think maybe the problem is i need to stick to one mua @ my local mac store lol! Im pretty sure im a NW something but its just a pain to have to go back to the store again. Sooo, my question is should i stick with studio sculpt and get rematched to another color or go with something else? Also, Im really limming over a bright pink eyeshadow!! not sure what to get, iv checked out maccosmetics e/s colors and didnt see anything that looked BRIGHT PINK, so IDK. Sorry for the long post but i thought i would try to put both of my questions in one place. As for the e/s it dosent nec. have to be mac, just bright pink. Isnt it strange to have the concealer and foundation the same shade? idk, please help


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To me, Passionate is a very bright (but darker) pink from MAC. They list it as a mid-tone red, but it's pink.

If you want a neon pink, I'd recommend MUFE #75. VERY neon pink and has good payoff. I like #75 over Passionate, but each has it's own place depending on the look going for.


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As for your concealer and foundation being the same or different shades, it depends on where you are using the concealer. I use an NW concealer in a shade darker than my skin for under the eye though.

The lighting in the stores is horrible for determining accurate foundation matching, so I would go back to one of the stores/counters and have them try more than one foundation - like small stripes near your jawbone. Then go outside into natural light with a mirror to see which one is closest to your skin color.

If you think the foundation was too cakey and that's not what you want, don't get that foundation again. I'd ask the MUA for a lighter coverage (depending on your skin type, maybe a powder foundation would be better for you).

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