So, I played on the slip and slide....


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yesterday at my nephew's birthday party. I should have listened to my husband when he said a "36 year old + a slip and slide = severe pain the next day". Ummmmm, he could not have been more accurate. I think I broke all my ribs or something. Either that, or I worked out some weird muscles I have never worked out before. Which, in my case, could be any muscle.

I am clenching my sides as I walk. Dear God it hurts. I don't know why? I would run lightening fast to the slip n slide, stop cold turkey right in front of it, slowly bend my fat old ass down, and then try to slide. They were calling me "Paul Blart the Mall Cop" because I only slid about a quarter of the way down, like he does in the movie when he tries to slide behind a sign.

Seriously, the most depressing part would be that right after I would go, my 5 year old niece would run and fling her entire body onto it. It looked so painful. Today she is perfectly fine. I remember hearing every single one of my bones crack as I would slowly bend to start my slide. I feel so old.


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Slip and slide sounds fun though
Tbh if your grown up butt fits on that thing I'd be delighted! I know MINE doesn't fit


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Oh, my dear. I am so sorry that you are in pain, but I'm sure you did not break anything. At least I hope you did not?

I am laughing at your story. I am so sorry, I just cannot help it. You are so damn funny it hurts. Whoops - just realized what a bad pun that was.....

Feel better. Advil. Lots of Advil.


ETA: 5-year-olds have flexible bones. There is clinical data to support this.


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hee! sorry i am another guilty of laughing whilst reading your post! it was the 'mall cop' bit that did it!! not that i would do any better of course!

the pain is not so good but at least you had fun at the time right?


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I'm sorry that you are in pain, I hope that you feel better soon! It doesn't sound like you broke anything, trust me if you broke a rib you would know! Lots of painkillers and bedrest for you!


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Totally inappropriate: I wish you could share pics of this, I have the most hilarious imagery in my mind right now

But seriously, I hope you feel better soon
And you aren't old, just maybe a little too old to be throwing yourself onto a friggin slip n slide


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My mother NEVER wanted me to try a Slip & Slide... ¬¬

But I share the pain
You made me laught


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this made me laugh out loud!
Love the Paul Blart comparison!
doing things like that keep you feeling young & fun, you sound like the fun auntie! i totally would have done the same, i never had a slip n slide as a child, once me & my sibs tried to make one, out of a tarp & some big rocks to hold down the corners, and our garden hose. it was fun till my older brother slid into one of rocks & cut his toe open! ah good memories of being a kid!
hope you feel better soon!


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Body is better, thanks. I'm just sad because I had to tell my sis I can't babysit weekly anymore. I pretty emotional today.

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