So what's the big deal about Shimmer Bricks?


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I have Peony and Rose. use them like blushes. I like them - these two aren't really shimmery. I feel the same about MSF's. They don't do much for me.


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I like the subtle shimmer (MSFs tend to look too shiny/greasy, even if I use a 187), and the fact that I can use the individual stripes of color as eyeshadows.

Also, unlike MSFs, Shimmer Bricks never break me out.

I have Pink and Apricot, but I want to get more.


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i own Peony Shimmerbrick and i like the "glow" it gives.
to me, it's nice cos it works as a blush that reflects abit of light
MSFs do the same thing but i sometimes get noticeable (seen with naked eye upclose) glitter bits in my *abit big* pores

Jane Taihiti is the worst on me! makes me look VERY shiny


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I just find them too shimmery. Colours are gorgeous, but on my skin, it just doesn't work.


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I own Bronze, Brownie, and Gold. The gold makes a beautiful highlight! Brownie has a pink undertone and you have to be careful with it as a little goes a long way. They are great but for an every day bronzer or hint of color they may be too shimmery for some. I love Shiseido's as they are matte and natural looking.


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I have beige and its a perfect highlighter for my pale skin. It doesn't have a huge colour payoff which is good. I just use it over blush and in the t-zone for that candle-lit glow. Because I don't use much of it at a time I'm guessing it will also last me ages and ages so well worth the $$


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I'm settling for the DS brand which copy the idea of the BB shimmer bricks, as they're probably just as good - just cheaper.
However pretty they look, unless I had money to burn, I'd never pay so much for a "shimmer brick".


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i think their versatility is a big selling point. they can be used as a highlighter, blusher or eyeshadow.


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^ I agree.

Makes my skin glow and photographs beautifully.
They also seem to last forever!

I have bronze, rose, and sandstone.


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They are okay IMO. I really like apricot and bronze, but they have SERIOUS shimmer. IF i'm having any kind of skin issue it will just emphasize everything IME.

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