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This week we've broken this winter's record temperature-wise, -40,1 degrees C. I REALLY want spring now....oh well, only 3 more weeks of work and then I'm outa here for 5 days :D *sick of snow*
Anyhow, I wanted this to be a smoky blue look, but no, it ended up way softer than I wanted. This happends a lot atm. I will probably darken it down for the evening.

MAC studio finish concealer
Smashbox Halo powder
MAC ripe peach blush ombre
MAC sculpt and shape duo powder


UDPP in sin
Sleek acid palette, a medium blue color
Urban Decay kiddie pool eyeshadow
MAC deep truth eyeshadow
Urban decay oil slick eyeshadow
Urban Decay twice baked eyeshadow
Makeupstore muffin microshadow
Lancôme black eyekohl
L'oreal million volume lashes mascara
Clinique brown gel liner for brows

Chanel lipgloss (clear with gold sparkle)


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