Some of my photography.....


I've been doing photography since 1987...yep I'm old
...since I was 18. Mainly I do nature/landscapes but I also photograph cars since I'm into cars as well. I kept hoping to make some money on this and off and on over the years I've sold a few prints here and there. I was laid off May '09 and still havent found a job but this past fall my b/f and I started a photography "business" and have made a little money selling prints of the '10 Camaros which is the group he belongs since he bought one in August. We produced a calendar and sold our first run of 250 and hope to do another run but so far no pre-orders. I'm hoping my job loss will turn out to be something good and maybe the dream I had of making it with my photography will finally come true.

Anyway here's some samples of my photography I thought I'd share.

Here's what the calendar looks like:


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The first picture is amazing.

What is your camera set up?
I've been looking into getting a decent DSLR


Thanks for all the kind compliments! Muchly appreciated.

obscuria I use a Canon 40D with the following lenses

Sigma 10-20
Sigma 17-70
Canon 50 1.8
Sigma 50-500

Some of those pics were taken with a Nikon D1x which I owned in 2002-2004 but sold it to get a Canon which had a better model at the time. I would recommend going either Canon or Nikon.


Thanks Keis
. Obscuria I owned an XTi and it was a nice camera. You can't go wrong if you decide to get it. You can find them used in great shape for really good prices too.


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These are beautiful! I love the first 5 pics as well (I know hardly anything about cars, I think thats why!). You really got some amazing shots, the bird with the fish and the birds flying towards the sunset.. wow!

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