Someone friggin help me


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Alright, I am FED UP with eyeshadow bases. I've tried the hyped up stilife paint but all it does is crease up on me like no other. I've tried the other paints and they do the same. I've even tried my revlon color stay foundation..but it makes the e/s so dull from it's natural color. So what about the shadesticks? Are they thicker than the paints? OR what about other bases like Urban Decay's PP..i've never tried the stuff in person so I don't know what it's like! OR lol, are there any other eye bases out there they I just havent found? Even cheap up for anything..i would just love to know what you ladies use!


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I love ud's pp...I use it under everything...including shadesticks, paints and all. It helps everything stick, and I find that the shadesticks go on much easier with it on.
Also smashbox makes a decent primer for eyes...
I use s/s the most (over pp) because of the vibrancy they give to colors...or change a color base etc.
I do use paints but not as often, since the new colors of s/s I dont think Ive used them at all :x

so anyways, yeah Id try UD's pp...and shadesticks


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I find thick products or thick application is the downfall of most common base products.

Paints, Shadesticks, etc. will all crease if applied too heavily. I've had luck with using very thin applications of them, allowed to dry, then applying shadow.

The Urban Decay product is also good, although for me using any mattifying product under shadows work just as well as this does.


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i definitely agree with the urban decay primer potion. i use to use paints and shadesticks as a base, but i found out that using the primer potion under the paints and shadesticks will make them last EVEN LONGER! it's so good!!!


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have you tried using a fluidline as a base?
i've used non-conformist as a base for my purples and it DID NOT BUDGE! i've heard that the white pearly one is pretty versatile to wear w/ a lot of colors (frostlite? i think?)


I use the Estee Lauder Idealist eye cream on my lid. It is a moisterizer, but it keeps e/s and e/l on longer, and prevents creasing, as well as hydrating the skin and preventing lines. It also makes e/s look awesome, very vibrant and complex. Maybe this will work for you.


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i think you may be applying too much paint on your lids. Thats why it creases.

One of the things I used that made my eyeshadow never budge was that MAX Factor lasting performance with powder on top. Seriously it never moved.


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Thanks for all the great advice ladies!

Marty and youbeabitch-I don't think im applying them too thick..i put a VERY thin layer on..tried it thick and thick and then and it still seems to crease.

I will try the UB PP..sounds amazing!

I totaly forogt about fluidliners as a base..i was going to try that but I forgot.

again thanks for the info!


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Primer potion, shadesticks or fluidline all work great for me. I find I reach for my fluidline or s/s the most though b/c they just add so much vibrancy to my e/s. Good luck.