Sorry, but THIS is why I don't buy MAC...


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I need to have a rant, this has been BUGGING me all day...

My brother's fiancee loves MAC, so I decided to get her one of the Little Mischief Makers lip gloss sets (Frisky Business). Now as a new MUA I am still learning about all the products out there, so I thought while I was there I would ask some questions about some of the more popular MAC products so I could learn and potentially purchase.

So I go to a store *cough*DJQueenPlaza*cough* and hunt around the counter for the gift sets. Then I spend a good few minutes looking at the options because I didn't know what to choose, and there were no testers that I could see. Meanwhile, less than a metre away stood FOUR MAC employees, digging through the drawers in what seemed like a free-for-all on products (I could hear them saying 'oh I'll take that one!' and 'is there one in my shade?' and putting them into bags). I wait patiently until they see me - which they do, say 'hi' and turn their back on me. If I didn't specifically want MAC then I would have left right there and then.

Finally I am served by a girl who had just finished with another customer. She's new, but glad to help me out and kept apologising that she had to keep asking the others where products were etc. So I get my gift set, but I still have questions. There was one of the other sales girls there with her now, and so I asked them both to explain to me about pigments and how they can be used. The new girl helped as much as she could, but when I asked tricky questions she had to get help - which meant that one of the girls had to leave the free-for-all and help us, and clearly they weren't happy about that. Lots of huffs and disinterest. I felt like I didn't belong.

I did decide to purchase two of the pigment sets (Haute High Jinx and Sexpot), so I was spending what I thought was a good amount of money. Did the service improve? Absolutely not! I dared to ask one more question of the experienced sales girl (can you explain to me about MSF and what they're used for?) and she just said 'it's a powder. What else do you need to know? When I said that I found a lot of models requested it and asked about coverage, finishes etc all I got was 'some come in shimmery colours, and the others are just like a powder.' THAT'S ALL I GOT. Nice way to sell me on MAC.

So I walked out, almost $200 later with the products I wanted but an experience that has left me with a resolution to never shop at a MAC counter. I'll buy from the Pro store when I'm in Sydney, otherwise I'll be ordering online. But to tell you the truth I'd rather not have anything to do with them. I want to deal with people like Rachel at Makeup and Glow or Liz from Yaby or countless other vendors who are happy to take the time to talk to me about product, listen to my concerns and make sure I'm happy and all my questions answered. I don't have time for uppity, elitist sales girls who think that I should bow down before them because they work at MAC.

My retail philosophy has always been when a customer comes onto counter you should stop what you're doing and serve them. Maybe times have changed since then. I even told them upfront that I was a new makeup artist, so they had a prime opportunity to sell me on the entire company. But that may have taken some effort. And clearly they couldn't be bothered with that.

Vent over.


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horrible.... i get what you mean. what a shame that its not only at one certain MAC counter, but it seems to be the attitudes of mostly all MAC employees from states all around. whenever i go into MAC, i make it pretty obvious i want no ones help until i decide on a product or seriously have a question. whats weird is that when im like that, i always end up getting nice sales girls, which then my attitude obviously changes and i end up buying something.... =)


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i've never had a problem at my MAC pro store, everyone is ver knowledgeable about the products and are very helpful .. i'm sorry this happened to to you, but you cant write off the whole company for one experience. if you feel this passionate about it, you can go to a higher power if you'd like.


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just because you have a bad experience at that counter should not discourage you from buying mac. your there to buy the product not the experience. Yes it was very rude of them to be like that to you. Next time u should be slick and walk up to them and demand for service and not all mac employees are like that i have meet alot of great ones


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I agree with all of the above - I've had plenty of crap AND good experiences with MAC. It's not definitive of the company, but of the person themself.. it is a huge shame and if I were you I'd write them a letter of complaint because their attitude was pathetic and clearly the girl answering your Q's about the MSF shouldn't be working there. Don't give up though! Maybe try another counter? There are heaps of lovely MAC MUA's out there, you just gotta find them


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I have had similar experiences at MAC counters in Sydney and I think you should pretty much copy and paste your post above into the customer feedback form on their website and send in a complaint. I know that when I did, I ended up getting some free product from head office!
So specifically mention the products that you were trying to buy and that they couldn't be bothered selling it to you!

Oh and try to be specific about who it was that served you and when (age, hair colour, date and time) so that they can pin point the staff members... Ask for a reply indicating what the company intends to do to combat future instances of such behaviour

And don't be discouraged about buying MAC because of this.... I think its an issue with the entire makeup industry culture, not specifically the brand... Next time you go in, demand service! Call the girl out on her behaviour! They have no right to be so rude...


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I wouldn't have bought anything! Where there's a DJ's there's usually a Myer, so I just head out the door and on to the next place.

It's interesting though bc I've had nothing but good service at DJ's, less service at Myer and regularly get ignored at the Pro store. It depends on the day and the MUA I guess, but if you interrupted them getting free goodies I can understand why they were a little huffy! I mean it's definitely bad customer service but hell.. it's free MAC! LOL!

I second everyone else- make a complaint to the store and be as specific as possible about who was ignoring you.. if you get free stuff then that's a bonus!


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Pretty much every time I've been to either the MAC counter or Pro store I've been patronised, treated like I had no knowledge of make-up. Many times I have tried to have conversations with the MUA's about up coming collection and such and most of the time they snob me off (this is of course whilst they're taking my money).

I wouldn't even dare go without make-up on. I'm trying to branch out now anyway, would love to get my hands on some MUFE e/s's and thinking I'll try a yaby e/s palette.


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I appreciate the comments, and thanks to everyone. This attitude certainly isn't restricted to the one counter I've been to, and I've been told many times that the only decent service you'll get from a MAC counter is Chermside, but it's really hard for me to get to. I swore off them a while ago after going to three different counters to try and get some foundation help and nobody was interested, but since I was getting a gift for someone else I thought I'd use the opportunity to try again. If I was a MAC regional manager I'd be embarassed about the reputation of my staff. I know they get a lot of sales anyway, but imagine how much better they would be if the service was friendly and helpful.

Maybe I will send it into head office, it's not really about getting free product but just so they know what their new (and potentially loyal) customers are being faced with. I shouldn't walk away from a counter feeling bad because I had to ask a basic product question.


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get the name of the person who served you, or their till login number or whatever off the receipt and complain...


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You should definitely tell head office about your experience - I am certain they will want to help you because it's their reputation on the line!


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That is so disappointing! You should definitely write into head office and let them know that you've had a bad experience. I've only been to that counter once, and they weren't overly friendly. I've always found the girls at Myer Brisbane City to be helpful, although they are usually quite busy so you do have to wait a while sometimes to talk to someone. The Chermside girls are lovely too, it's a shame that it's hard for you to get in there.


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I just wanted to add that the girls at Chermside MAC are the best. I am certainly no make up expert and ask what must seem like silly questions but they are so helpful and patient. I would not be a typical MAC customer but I always feel comfortable asking and learning about make up from them. It is a shame you can't get to Chermside easily but for anyone else reading this I can recommend all the girls at the MAC counter in Myers.


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Sorry to hear about your experience H; I don't go to the QP counter either! I never get good service there. Same as you, I don't own much MAC at the moment so I'm fairly new and sometimes need products explained to me. If I'm in the city I will go to Myer, or Chermside on the occasions I go out that way.

Definitely contact head office. It really bothers me when people like that are in retail. It really doesn't do anyone any favours.

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Yes come to Chermside!!! If you can't make it over, call and I'll be happy to answer Q's or send stuff out.

Please don't let the experience you had turn you off MAC - I promise there are people out there who will look after you!

x J


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I agree with everyone. Don't let your experience at a bad counter turn you off to MAC. I just recently went to a MAC store (there isn't one on my island and I happen to be visiting Honolulu) and the MA was so helpful and nice it was a total shock compared to my usual encounters at the one MAC counter I can shop at. It was the first time I'd ever been to a store so I wanted to browse a bit first and then the MA helped me pair e/s to the one I was interested in. I spent way ore than I had planned because she was so nice.

IMO counter employees are actually hired by the store and not MAC. You should complain to the managers. I think I will do the same because I also have been ignored at my counter and because I know there isn't a huge demand for MAC I just left and figured I'd go back another day when there might be a different MA working.

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Originally Posted by rei181
IMO counter employees are actually hired by the store and not MAC. You should complain to the managers. .

Nope, in Australia MAC staff are 100% MAC employees and are not department store staff. They are basically visitors to the store that they work in.


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I don't think I've ever had a positive experience with MAC stores in Sydney and I've been a customer at Parramatta, Sydney and the Pro store. Each time they couldn't care less about me and what I wanted to buy and were more interested in talking to each other about what they did on the weekend.
So I went down the street to Benefit and spent my money there!


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i've had bad experiences as well as good experiences at MAC. i hope this bad experience doesn't make you wanna stop buying from MAC altogether. there are good sales people out there and unfortunately, u bumped into a rude one. i hope things get better if you decide to go to MAC again in the future!