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I have a friend who recently shared to me that she was diagnosed with anxiety, we were talking and I asked her what was wrong and she opened up and told me everything. She looking for someone who can sympathize with her at her lowest and highest moments, and I'm glad to help her. This kind of support works both ways between us, we can be there to sit and cry with each other as well as pushing one another not to wallow in our anxieties. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to speak up about mental health, even if you are not struggling yourself, you may be surprised to find how many people are.


Thanks for sharing this, it's so important! It's wonderful that she has someone like you in her life for support in all aspects of her life. A lot of the time, people, often ones close to us, deal with mental health in silence due to the great stigma that surrounds it. This is why I agree with you that it's important to communicate openly about it, educate ourselves and be that support for those who need it.

Pina Hee

Yes,it is very helpful.Only we share with friends and family,we can loose from that anxiety. Just talk to other,you will be a good mood.


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Yeah anxiety is huge right now in this current global climate of uncertainty. Luckily our Union has reached out to our Membership with mental health outreach support programs and services to those who need it regardless if they are working or not.

Since film and television productions want less crew members working on their sets due to Covid-19, a lot of our Brothers and Sisters are not working right now when they normally would be this time of year.

For example a typical film and television production would hire between 6 to 10 Make-up Artists. Now Productions only want 3 Make-up Artists on their shows. Granted more productions are being green lit, but still, for those who aren't working and feeling the stresses of financial commitments and other personal concerns not being met, it's horrible and they need support in any way possible.

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