Specktra now supports Instagram posts AND videos!


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We've been working really hard behind the scenes and are happy to present a new feature. Specktra is proud to support your IG posts and videos. Here's a sample below:

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How do you post your own IG post and video embeds? Easy!

Example of an Instagram URL: Specktra on Instagram: “Newness from @katv ondbeauty Lolita Realness!!! Launched on the katvondbeauty website. Lolita Eyeshadow palette $39 Everlasting Glimmer…”

: Copy and paste the ID of the post that occurs after the /p/ like this: instagram.com/p/BrPIb1yHf29 - Do not copy or paste the /p/ (including the slashes) or any string after this. Your embed won't show on our site if you copy any additional text!

Copy your post/video ID as text and place between: 2018-12-11_1249.png

For easier access, you can also click on the Instagram icon when you're in our full text editor:
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Happy posting!
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