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"Don't believe everything you see; makeup companies like M.A.C and Rimmel are touting brights and frosties in their advertisements across America, but these looks aren't right for most girls."

Soooooooo.....i found that first part extremely offensive. Working at a counter that literally gets every type of customer from the 80yr old who cant live without So Chaud lipstick to the Teenager who is just starting and scared of color. Makeup is an accessory!!! Like a cute pair of shoes. Anyone can wear anything. Im an NC20 Latina chic with red curly hair and I wear everything from Cyber to Tanarama. Who says it's not right for most girls. To me it sounds like someone trying to make rules with makeup....again. Now dont get me wrong, I believe in certain guidlines like clean lines and making sure the foundation is the "right" shade but why sterotype......just an opinion but it makes it sound like like makeup is a chore. The article was totally anti-MAC!


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I disagree that the article is anti-MAC. I think it's anti-creativity and anti-individuality. I agree with what you said, MelodyKat, that this author is trying to make "rules" for makeup. And I don't believe in "rules" either. I believe in basic guidelines and proper application, but I get really aggitated with books full of do's and dont's. And I can't STAND Linda Wells (editor-in-cheif of Allure magazine) because she's full of rules that almost nobody I know would ever follow. Does that mean we're not good artists? Nope. Does it mean we're bad at choosing "appropriate" colors? Nope.
It simply means that we're people who know what we like and frankly don't give a damn about what someone else says is best for us.

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I think the thing I love most about the Kevyn Aucoin books are he really touts the idea of experimenting and doesn't think he's the end all, be all authority on good makeup.

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