Spring/Summer-Fall/Winter Makeup?


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I just thought about something and wondered what you all think.

Maybe im a little jaded because i live in South Florida where are seasons consist of warm weather in the fall/winter time and warm weather with rain in the spring/summer time, but i find is kinda silly when people on youtube talk about how "i only wear bonzey colors in the summer, and darker ones in the fall". I dont mean to offend anyone who thinks this, but it seems like the message they are sending is that you should only wear certain colors at certain times of the year.

I think its perfectly fine for someone to want to look bronzed in the winter and dark/heavy during the summer.

What do you guys and girls think?


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Not that I have a choice but I look bronzed year round...But if I didnt I would still want to have some color even in winter ...I wear what I like...and TX is like Florida...the weather permits so I go for it


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Some people impose "makeup rules" on themselves but really you can wear whatever you want to. I personally prefer to wear darks in the winter and go lighter in the summer because I base my makeup on how I feel and on my clothing. I do wear darks in the summer and lighter looks in the winter, but my tendency is the other way around. For my face makeup my skin changes throughout the year so I use different products and rotate them based on how my skin is.


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i tend to wear pinks and yellow more in the summer... but other than that i wear every other colour year round.

i guess i just feel more inclined to wear pink and yellow in the summer becaus eto me they scream sunshine and warmth! thats just me though.


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I wear everything all the time, but sometimes I feel more seasonal, and like to wear warmer colours in spring summer, and cooler ones in fall winter.

It's not a way to limit myself, but a way to help embrace creativity and create themed looks


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It's understandable that you don't feel that way about "seasonal" makeup since where you live, there's little difference between the seasons. For me though, the seasons are quite visible and it really changes how you feel and think...I mean, people's moods even change based on the season (Re: seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD hahaha).

You get influenced by your surroundings so it's natural to change what you want to wear on your body and for makeup. It's not really that I'm chained to a certain set of rules, but more that I'm in the mood for different kinds of makeup, kind of like how I'll shy away from dark colours in the summer and bring out the brights!

Personally, in the summer I try to keep makeup (especially eye makeup) light and bring out the bronzers and shimmery blushes because they look beautiful in the sun! In the winter is when I'll use more eyeshadows and darker colours.


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Thank you all for your imput, i do have t realize that in other areas, the seasnons have a much more visuala nd apparent change. But i still feel like some people (none of you of course) still try to force these rules on people, some of whom might be younger and just starting out in makeup, which might make those people think that you HAVE to wear certain makeup at certain times. I think thats im really opposed to.


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Some people think about makeup (and probably about many other things too) as something that needs rules. That's personally the thing I like about makeup: there are no rules. However, the surrounding, weather etc influences the mood so maybe also the way we get dressed or what kind of makeup we wear.
I can wear anything all year round, but it's true I notice I get less attracted by bright colors in winter. However, I still try to wear those colors in winter because where I live we don't have a long summer, so I'd never wear my bright colors if I kept them for summer time!


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I find during summer I usually wear lighter more springish colours like soft peaches and pale pinks. Winter more darker neutrals. Its like some ladies dye their hair blonde in the summer and dark in the winter. A personal preference I would assume.