Springsheen Blush?


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If I already own Peaches do I need it? Could I just layer a lil pearly gold highlight powder over Peaches and dupe Springsheen? They look similiar besides that one is a shimmer, I just hate the matte-ness of Peaches lately.


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I don't have Peaches so I couldn't tell you the comparison, but I can tell you a bit about Springsheen. I feel like it has the golden shimmer "embedded" within the actual blush, so when applied it's sort of like a Veluxe Pearl finish on an eyeshadow than say, a Velvet finish with the sparkles sort of floating on top. So I'm not sure that applying a highlight powder on top of a matte-ish blush will really help get that same effect (i.e. it might just look like the shimmer sits on top of the blush).

That's not to say that using a gold highlight powder on top won't be pretty though! I like using a matte peachy blush with the lighter side of Redhead MSF and it's sort of like using Springsheen, except I get to control where the shimmer is.


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I think springsheen looks more bronzy tan peaches does. It has this goldish pink to it. It's one of my fave MAC blushes for night looks.