St. John's - Newfoundland


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Hello, I'm from Brazil and next week I'm going to St. John's for two months. I don't know anybody there just my fiance, and he knows nothing about shopping. If someone could give me some tips about places to shop/hang out it would be awesome :D
St John's is beautiful but as far as shopping goes you are slightly limited:
-Water Street has cute boutiques and there are 2 malls.
-Sears sells Clinique, estee lauder elizabeth arden and clarins
-There is a shopper drug mart with a beauty boutique that sells benefit and guerlain and other brands
-I dont know of anywhere on the island where you can buy MAC or Chanel makeup :( but you can always order online.
Any other questions let me know, I dont live there but I go for a month every summer to visit family.


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Yeah, I’m familiar with the malls..the only store that brought a slime to my face was The Body Shop because I’m dying to test one of their facial kits.

About Mac, I’m already shopping online about two months ago =p It’s really expensive here in Brazil so it’s my chance to go crazy (hi 5 because heavenly creature is going to be released while I’m still there

I didn’t know about shopper drug mart..I went to their website and Dior was one of the brands they sell, and since Diorskin Nude Foundation is on my wish list I’m very excited about it xD

Thank you so much, this was really helpful!


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St. John's is one of my most favourite places on Earth (my mom's family is from Newfoundland). The shopping isn't great, but the people and scenery are amazing.

If you like fish and chips, I recommend going to Ches's

I also recommend going on a whale watching cruise, visiting Cape Spear (the most eastern point in all of North America) and driving to one of the nearby fishing villages.

Wishing you a great time!


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Glad to know people are friendly :D Seriously, my to do list is getting bigger and that’s great.

My fiance will also love the suggestions because he is always complaining of my lack of daily activities – he says I just want to go to bars/clubs, so untrue!

I hope it’s possible going on a whale watching cruise any time of the year ^^

Thank you so much, I’m very appreciated for all the tips

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