Statements like this are just so feeble!


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I came across this today and actually lolol as it was just so unprofessional and feeble!It is just pathetic that eBay,is allowing this to's laughable that people con others to buy this c*ap,that is nothing like genuine Mac! New & Boxed - MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss - Snow Clear on eBay (end time 14-Sep-10 16:41:13 BST) Note to eBay and Customers I am selling the above item as i am a make up artist that used to work for an agency. I did alot of bridal makeup and fashion shows. As i am not working anymore due to personal reasons i have decided to sell my stock. All items were purchased direct from MAC and are therefore Authentic. Beaware of other sellers who sell goods that are made in China and are not genuine. Buy with Confidence yessssss :p


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This is just ridiculous! I've reported it to eBay.


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Originally Posted by LMD84
it's been removed now which is good.

I simply do not understand ebay!!!LMD,do you recall the seller bubble-online ? I have reported him many times for sales of vast amounts of this fake DAZZLEGLASS,duo 187 brushes,HKitty mascara/eyeliner duo etc.Not one auction was removed yet...the above was removed very quick and that seller does not sell on wholesale basis like bubble-online!! I just don't get it but ... I know how he maintains his 100%feedback!His name was mentioned on YouTube,vid about fake MAC,the buyer who bought from him 12pcs of the fake DAZZLEGLASS for £19!!! whatttttttt ??!!seriously (you think that gloss that normally costs £14.50 can be bought for £19 for 12 pcs)),got refund,hence the 100%positive feedback
Keeping customers happy by giving them money back rather than risk a NEGATIVE! Here is one of his "MAC bargains! ? 20 x BRAND NEW MAC 187 DUO FIBRE MAKE UP BRUSHES ? on eBay (end time 05-Oct-10 13:52:58 BST)