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steamy...with step by step pics


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this was a request from my best friend who lives across the country. She's going out tonight and wanted to wear these colors. I used a limited amount of brushes just because I know what brushes she has in her stash.

I've included step by step pictures of how to do the eye makeup. The eye makeup (up til step 7) should be done before the foundation and rest of the face makeup, steps 8-10 should be done after the face makeup. It gives it a more clean look.
Products used:
  • eyes:
    • MAC select cover up nw15
    • MAC shadows: Cloudbound, steamy, and carbon
    • MAC liner: feline
    • MAC plushlash mascara in black
    • for brows: MAC shadow in charcoal brown
  • skin:
    • MAC studio sculpt foundation NC25
    • MAC mineralized skin finish in medium
    • MAC blush serenity
    • MAC blush emote for contour
    • MAC mineralized skin finish in light for highlight
  • lips:
    • MAC liner "subculture"
    • MAC lip laquer "babied"
    • MAC plushglass "nice buzz"
the look:


the steps:

1.) Using a 252 brush, apply the concealer over the whole lid up to the brow.

2.) Using a 239 brush, apply the highlight color just to the brow bone. Apply by pressing the color into the concealer rather than sweeping.

3.) Using the same 239 brush, apply the green color onto the lid only, leaving a little bare towards the outer lid. Apply by pressing the color into the concealer rather than sweeping.

4.) Using the same 239 brush, apply the black shadow on the outer lid only. Apply by pressing the color into the concealer rather than sweeping.

5.) Using a 224 blending brush, dip the tip of the blending brush into the black shadow, and pop the brush right into the crease of the eyelid. Sweep the brush towards the inner part of the crease and back to the outer part of the crease using swift movements for about 30 seconds until flawlessly blended.

6.) Apply a thin layer of black liner, making the line thicker towards the outside of the lid.

7.) Apply your black liner to the waterline of your eye. Without this step the eye will not look as smokey.

After you've lined your eyes, go on to finish your foundation, powder, blush, and lips.

8.) Fill in your brows using a 266. I prefer to get the shadow wet before I use it for a more clean line.

9.) Wipe off the 266, and re-use it by applying the green shadow under your eyes.

apply mascara (not shown)

all done!




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Eek, I can't see the pics!

Edit: As soon as I posted this, they appeared. WOW! Gorgeous.


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oh I am so excited. I have a random eyeshadow that looks JUST like steamy, and I'm totally going to try this out.

always lovely!


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i love that you only used three eyeshadows to make this amazing look! i'm def gonna try this out!

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