Stepdaughter situation...UPDATED!!


Well-known member bring you all up to speed on my stepdaughter situation:

DH is coming around re: the pregnancy. My older son spent all of last weekend calling him "Grandpa." He was a little annoyed at first, but he admitted that he liked the sound of it. He's already planning to spoil the child senseless....if SD's MIL lets us even get near this child. She's up to her possessive, control freak BS again (what else is new), BUT...SD and her husband are moving out of her house. Apparently, MIL has been sticking her nose into their business, and SD has had it (methinks the girl is getting some guts!), so they're renting a townhouse and moving out this weekend. I am surprised that her husband went for it, but I think he didn't have much of a choice in the matter...

So far, she hasn't called her dad, but sends him text messages from time to time...we'll see what happens from here!


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I'm glad to hear your SD has finally realized how awful her MIL is!


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Ugh, I can't imagine how my father would feel if I didn't let him see his granddaughter every day. Seeing her is always the highlight of his day, so I tell him to just come over whenever he feels like it.

I hope your daughter comes around and lets her dad in his grandchild's life. I have never seen my father as happy as he is when he's around my daughter. She lights up his life, truly, and it's a wonderful thing to see. He always tells me it's like having me as a baby again.