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Stephie's Easy Depotting Tut W/ A Straightening Iron


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Alright ladies, here’s my super duper easy tutorial on depotting MAC shadows! I’m not sure if this can be used on different brands... but you’ll just have to try. I use things that are just lying around my room... I hope this helps y’all!

Our Goal:




Straightening Iron
Empty Palette
Nail Clippers (the point part)
Eye Shadow



Slip the pointy apparatus of the nail clipper under the thin line separating the pot from the pan portion.


How they look apart. Make sure your straigtening iron is warming up on the highest setting.


Place the pan portion onto the straightening iron.


Wait about one minute, if not more, until the plastic has softened enough. you should be able to see a slight "hole" in the middle of the pan. It’s actually showing glue, but as long as the pan is soft enough to push, you are fine. Be sure to be careful not to touch the bottom part of the pan. Grab onto the sides to take it off the iron.


Using the back of your tweezers, push into the pot so that it pops out the front. It actually won’t come all the way out due to the glue.


Using the nail clipper again, gently push the pan onto a hard surface. I used an empty makeup box. Be gentle with your shadows while you do this!


Here’s how it looks.


Now place the original pot onto the straightening iron to melt the glue a bit on the label. Wait about 30 seconds or so. You don’t really want to burn the plastic onto your straightening iron, just enough heat to get that glue melted.


Using tweezers, gently peel off the label.


Place the label onto the metal pan. The glue from the casing is enough to hold it all together.


Cut a strip of the magnet, not too big though so that it doesn’t cover up the name of the shadow. Magnets can be found in any hobby store. I bought a pack of six stripes of magnets for like $1.50. In depotting 20+ shadows, I only used two strips.


Place magnet onto the back of the pan, not covering up the name. Use glue or whatever adhesive. Mine has the peel of stickers thing.


How it looks.


Place the shadow into your palette.


The End Result!

I hope this helped someone!


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I depotted my e/s with a candle but took the labels off using your method and it worked flawlessly! I would never have thought of using my flatiron. Thanks!


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thanks! i usually depot with a candle and some other contraptions..but i've always wanted to depot with my flat iron. I've seen some other tuts that use parchment paper though, do you think it's unnecessary or have you run into some cases where the plastic has melted onto you plates? thanks again for sharing.


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i personally haven't had any problems with the plastic sticking to my iron, at least not in large amounts that can't be scratched of later... but i will try putting some paper in between the pot and iron next time! thanks for the feedback ladies.


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wow that was the easiest depotting yet. think i may have to depot the hundreds of shadows i have.


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Eh! Luv this tut!!!!!! (*claps for you*)
But my flat iron costs $200 >.<" hm... I guess I'll need to put some tissue paper inbetween ~ ^o^


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Thanks for posting this I am still getting my head around it so I can try to depot some of my eye-shadows! Do you definitely need magnets or will the eye-shadows stay in the pots anyway? I thought the palettes were already magnets and because the eye-shadow is metal it just does stay? And I can seem to find magnets anywhere at the moment...?


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thank you soooo much for showing this!! I've tried a candle to use to melt the glue and it just did not work at all. I didn't have any luck. I'll definately have to try this asap.