Stick foundation and moisturizer help


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I just recently started using stick foundation after giving up on liquid and powder, but I'm not quite getting as good of a "glide" in application as I'd like. I know it's due to my moisturizer (pretty dry air down here right now and my skin is drinking it up quick in the a.m.)...So could someone recc some good moisturizers that have "slip"? Preferably suited to combo/sensitive skin (slightly oily t-zone; normal to dry cheeks that are acne-prone). Currently testing out the Biore dual moisture (spf 30) and the olay complete sensitive (spf 15)...

I read on MUA about Clinique Moisture Surge extended, but am not sure about that one since it's a hydrator and not a moisturizer (???)--I worry I will dry out quickly and have to re-apply

Thanks lovelies!!!


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I use olay skincare for the most part and enjoy it. Something you could try is applying the Clinique moisture surge extended to hydrate and then a moisturizer on top of it to lock it in, you know? It's a pain in the ass to use two, I know, but I imagine it would do the trick.

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