Stila Fruit Cake lip glaze


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The recent Gift of Glamour set (released at Christmas-time 2007) had a lip glaze in it that I really really want. It's called Fruit Cake. What do you think the chances are that it will be released separately at some point in the future? Also, does anyone have it - I'm curious to see pics of it on and hear some thoughts about it.


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I am dying for this glaze myself. Stupid Stila-I don't need all the stuff in that set but I do need this glaze, I hate that it isn't available any other way.

Yesterday on MUA, lmdavila was posting about how great this gloss is. She described it as a berry/mauve color and she said it smells great too.

My only suggestion, and hope, is that it will show up on strawberrynet one of these days. The Honeydew lipglaze from the On the Go set was available there individually and I've seen this happen before too. So I'm hoping that may occur this time as well *crosses fingers*


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Maybe you could try emailing Stila and asking if there was any way you could buy it separately?

Also, is the Fruit Cake in that set full sized?? thanks


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Hi i bought the set just for the lip glaze (it does my head in when then dont sell them separetly) anyway, it was a full size and a georg colour and smells wonderful, i would buy it again and am hording what is left of it


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According to my source at stila, the Fruit Cake won't be sale on its own anytime soon. Of course, stila always reserves the right to change their minds. *lol*

I have it in a photo I took when it first arrived with some other things from stila. It's a bit tough to see amongst the rest of the stuff, but you can still see what a gorgeous color it is.

I was sent a tube, and I LOVE it. I think the reason I got it was because I asked if it would be sold separately. (And they know what a Lip Glaze whore I am. Tee hee!) I shall cry when mine is all gone.

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