Stila good to glow


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Whoa I was at Sephora buying my mother in law some lipsticks and polishes and I seen the Stila Good to Glow Bronzer and Highlight set on sale for $10.00. This set looks yummy. Has anyone tried this yet?


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I don't have this set but I'm pretty sure I already own the same products. Overall, they are fairly decent products, especially for that price. They can look a little chunky glittery sometimes so you have to blend well to use them. Also, ymmv as far as color payoff; I am very fair so most anything shows up on me.
I tried to go to 2 different Sephora stores to pick this up and it was sold out in both places. The second store told me that it was gone out of the stores within the first week of it going onsale. It went out of stock online but now it's back. I ordered earlier this week and can't wait to get my shipment!

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