Stila Spring 2010


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So everyone probably already knows this but I just thought I'd post for others like me who are not always so in the know, lol. Sephora has Stila
Spring stuff up but listed as oos so far. There is a new palette in which the shadows seem to be an interesting consistency...I'll want to check that out in person. There is also a new cheek and lip stain in Yumberry Crush which looks pretty imho. there is a new mascara formula infused with black diamonds (called.....Black Diamond mascara, go figure, lol) and it comes in Black or Blue. There are also new eye shadow triples that are sort of like the All Doll'd Up palette-I definitely want some of these but need to compare to the palette first so I don't get doubles.

Also, there is a beautiful new palette coming out called Stila Loves Claire Pettibone that I cannot WAIT to get based on the online pics. Just google it to see it, so cute! I don't want to steal anyone's pics to post here. It's like the All Doll'd Up palette with triple shadows but more neutral colors and it also includes a CC in the palette iirc.

Yay! I'm so glad Stila is putting out new stuff again


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omg i want that glitter quad! but i live in canada, i wonder if the stores here will get it?.. the winnipeg sephora doesnt carry stila


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the yumberry crush is pretty phenomenal. I really like it, of all of the crushes I've, cherry, and pomegranate...Yumberry is my favorite. I like the shade it comes out and it has sparkle!

The palette is pretty rad, I like the formula. It's heavy on the sparkle, but not heavy on the's not chunky at all. I really like the color payoff. It's not as pigmented as some shadows, but they're definitely buildable.
I'm not a fan of the mascara at all. It doesn't do much of anything for me, it's not volumizing, lengthening,'s just pretty meh, IMO.

But I LOVE the new All Day Liquid Liner. LOVE it. It's what Rapidblack should have been. I love the pointy tip, and it's a true solid black.

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