Stila Warehouse Sale!


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I live about 7 hours away, and with the cost of gas now I just can't justify it. But a girl can dream.........

Are any Speckta-ites going?

OHHHHH I am totally going.


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I am so going. Has anyone ever been before. This is a weird location on santa monica blvd and vine. Does anyone know where we are supposed to park.


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So how was it ladies, I saw some pictures and some of the prices on another site and it seemed absolutely amazing =/
Originally Posted by SkylarV217
So how was it ladies, I saw some pictures and some of the prices on another site and it seemed absolutely amazing =/

I got there at about 6am and there was a line but not to bad. They started a half hour early and opened by like 7:30 and I was out of there by 8:15. Of course minus the 325.00 I spent but it was well worth it. Where did you see pic and prices? what site?


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Does anyone know when the next sale was? Why am I thinking that they have one prior to Christmas... like in November?


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Man speaking of gas...I was able to fill my tank up for $30 and thats Super normally cost $55 ....So I would so be on the road! Have fun girls!


Wow! When I arrived at 10 am, there was NO line. Unfortunately, all of the sleeping princess pans were gone, along with all of the brushes except for the #2 under eye brush and the 70 watt illuminating liquid foundation. Other than that, I can't say I noticed anything else was missing. (The best of stila kits, $28, were all gone but while I was hanging around, someone put back two of them and I snagged one xD But I think the $20 gift of glamour kit is better)

Also, by the time I was leaving, at around 11:30, the warehouse wasn't even crowded anymore O__O.

You'd think with the recession that everyone would be crazy about getting such a bargain!


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I ended up not beaing able to babysitter flaked in me
but i would love to here what deals you ladies came across!


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For those who couldn't make it to the real warehouse sale, beautycrunch is having an amazing online sale until Monday, Dec. 22. Also with any order over $50, you get free shipping using the code: BEAUTY.


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i couldn't go either since i live in a different state
i go a few goodies from beauty crunch
a few of them will make great gifts