Stila weirdness


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Stila is the only brand I know of that does weird things like renaming products or sending products in different packages. For example, my little sis ordered me the Asia Holiday trios for Christmas. One of them arrived and looks just like it should according to the website but the other-there is no stila girl on the trio cover, it just says "Stila" and has some flowers drawn around on it (but the colors are clearly the other Asia holiday trio). Not sure what I even think about this-should I be annoyed to have gotten this one, or happy to have gotten something unique? lol.

Then today in Sephora I saw a baked trio called "Champagne Glow" on display. I suspect it is the cool mandarin mist collection trio (but I can't be 100% sure), just renamed. Does that mean they are making it permanent like Gold Glow and Bronze glow? Don't ask me, lol!

Stila is just a weird brand. I love them, but they are weird!


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Ha ha! I agree with you - sometimes the things they do make no sense to me. But I still love them just the same!