Strada or Stark Naked


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Strada blush? I think is going to be repromoted in one of the upcoming collections! I read this from the Ardent Discussion:)


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I have both and like both

Strada used to be a regular blush till it was dced. It look kinda blah beige brown in the pan but applied, it applies more as a neutral pink rather than the beige brown it looks in the pan. Some people use it for contouring, but I find that it's a bit too pink on me to work as a contour powder though it could appear differently on others.

Stark Naked was a LE beauty powder blush from quite a no of yrs back.. 2 or 3yrs back? I can't remember it exactly... but I'm not too sure if CCOs carry products from collections that are 2 to 3yrs back...


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Stark naked was from Red she said collex.. about 3 years ago.. but it was more pink/berry toned than Strada.


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I do hope you find Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush! That blush is super pretty and it was my first MAC blush.

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