Stressed - Small dent forehead


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Hi everyone,

How’s everyone’s skin holding up in these pandemic times! Hope you are all keeping safe x

I have relatively clear skin very dry and have been very lucky not to have greasy skin as a teen etc..

Recently my skin has not been healing great. Its been itching like mad and have had some slight acne breakout.

The other day I noticed a small scratch between my eyebrows might have been a little acne but it has left me with a tiny dent on my forehead. I am have been putting Egyptian magic on it along with my Rituals hydrating cream.

My fiancé tells me to put on Bio oil or my old product Face theory hydration tamanu oil. I have so many choices and read about coconut oil as well.

Not sure which route to get rid of this dent? Can anyone help. Feels like skin is not healing.

Hope to speak soon Alisa

P.s taking lots of collagen tablets zinc C D A


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I don't think you can. Better to accept it and embrace it.

I mean, there's a small dent there. Most people will likely not notice.


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Many over-the-counter creams and serums contain exfoliants. These substances are designed to help remove the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a smoother appearance.

While there are some claims that exfoliants can smooth fine lines, they may be beneficial for some types of scars and dark marks.