Studiofix for touch-ups??


I have at the moment very oily skin and in the early afternoon the whole foundation is "swimming" away.

I use MAC Blot Poder, but I need definitely a little touch-up in the afternoon.

Do you think Studiofix would be ok for my skintype?? I don't want to remove all my MU and do everything new.



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If your skin is prone to breakouts, I wouldn't use Studio Fix for touchups - at least for me, it causes me to break out horrendously.


fortunately I don't have breakouts and I have also smooth skin (thanks to AHA and BHA

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Well, then I think that Studio Fix would be fine for you. But like jasper17 said. It might cause breakouts because it's not meant to be worn on a daily basis.


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Isn't studio fix recommended for daily use? I've been using it for years everyday. and I dont have a problem. It really depends on the person and their skin type. Its hard to answer a question like that cause everyones different.
for myself, personally, Its awesome for afternoon touchups.


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A lot of girls have problems with it, but I've been wearing it almost daily for about a year. The best advice with any foundation is to get a sample or have an MA apply it at the store, and wear it for the rest of the day to give it a "test run". Of course, you could buy it and return it if you have problems, but I personally hate the hassle of exchanging/returning items.


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I have oild skin especially in the afternoon and I use studio fix as my foundation then the blot powder when i get a lil oild which is when im hot or im in serious lighting. It works for me but you can also use the studio teck which is a lil more for combination skin and gives a flawless look then you can use the blot powder during the day i also do that ...for oild skin people like me the blot powder will become your best friend lol


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For me, Studio Fix *over* a foundation was way too thick of a coverage. BTW, my skin is really oily. I use Studio Matte, Select Coverup, set w/ loose powder. And through the day I touch it up w/ Blot Powder. If thats not enoguh, I would try a different MAC powder but not Studio Fix.

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