studying abroad... HEEEELP... plz :(


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hey everyone!

im really desperate at the moment, thinking and thinking. just finished school a month ago now, and actually ive made my plans studying in vienna in the economic university. i actually already got the registration done and everything.

but then again... since a time now im dreaming of studying in moscow. its not exactly my home town, but for me its my home-country.... although im originally from kirgizstan (which was still soviet union when i was born). anyhow... everything seems so hard. courses beginn in august there (in austria only in october) and plus im just thinking about it... but my dream is just growing bigger and bigger and its hurting more and more how much i really want to do it!!! but im even scared of asking my mom cause she will think im crazy or something...
(i think)

apart from the fact that i think its WAAAAY to late to apply (i need tons of documents, certifications of an HIV-negative test which must be taken there, visa, a russian-test (whatever i have to do))... plus im gone for the whole august to the US.

what do you think? does anyone have any experience? ive turned 18 this year and now going away for "ever" from home, family, friends? you think i could cope? i really need your thoughts. its tearing me apart cause i think its waaaay to late, plus the idea of deciding NOW to leave in 2 month to study to another country sounds horribly UNREALISTIC, + no idea if it would be financially even possible....

but its my dream (since a few weeks)! and i want to fulfill my dreams cause now my future beginns!!!! what if its just a phase!? i really need your comments! its tearing me apart, and i cant really speak to anyone cause im even scared of my mothers reaction..... anyone done such a brave thing? anyone know anyone?? plllleeeeeeeease help

sorry for the long post.. thx in advance for every single read and comment!! <3


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Apply and try and get hold of the documents that you need, that way if they reject you at least you know that you tried applying and maybe it's not meant to be.

I just finished Uni, i left home when i was 18. Once you leave home you know that you are going to be alone and that's part of independancy. At first it was hard for me to leave home, no friends or family, i felt alone! But then once uni starts you get to know the area you are in and meet new people. If you live in student accomodation then you are bound to make friends with your house mates.
It's going to be tough at first, you will have to cook for yourself and do the laundy, pay the bills...etc..but with time you will get used to it and start to enjoy it.
Also keep in touch with friends and family from back home atleast you have someone to turn back to if things get tough.
Familiarize yourself with the area, so that you know where the grocery store is, shopping malls and you can go there when you're bored.

Good luck and don't be afraid, it's never too late. If it's your deam then go for it!


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I'm the minute I think I have everything figured out then the next i'm just sure something else would be better.
From the perspective of somebody similar, i'd say, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and list down the good points and bad points of each of your options. If one outweighs the other then go for that option.
But don't think it's the end of the world if things didnt turn out the way you planned in either moscow or vienna. You just pick yourself up and do whatever it takes to get closer to your dream!
I hope this helped a bit, i feel for you so much!!


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Its never too late for this. And I think you should definitely go for it, at least try applying, cause even if it wont work out, you wont have that "i lost my chance" feeling.

Just to tell you, applications for college are so hectic. Last semestre i aplied to go to France for an exchange program, they told me they had no places left and they can only try sending me in 1 year. Then, they called me and asked to come to interview this semestre. THEN, they said if i get accepted they will contact me by the beginning of May. They didnt. And THEN my friend dropped by the international department and accidently found out we both were accpted. Long story short - dont be ashamed of afraid to call, ask, write letters. It would be great if you could contact some professor personally, interest him with your subject, tell him what you wanna study. Professors love international motivated students.

And well, also i wanted to tell you that thats only you who decides to go or no. Im not going to France, i dont wanna go no more, i was waiting so much, and then they tok too long, i have personal plans, plus, i feel it would be hard for me. My friend, with who we applied. goes there. International studies are great, they give you a whole new vision of life, you grow up, you see the world. I have friends who went to studies like that. Plus, international studies are always good for your career. Thats only you who decides you want it or no, if you are too afraid, or if you wanna try it. My Mom wanted me to go, but let me decide on my own. Anyways, good luck! What you wanna study?

I live in Moscow btw


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What program will fit your major better? If both are the same, then it's relaly up to you.

I was kind of in a similar boat. I just finished my second year of college and in the winter, I'll be studying in Belgium for a semester. It was def. not my location of choice at first. I always dreamed of going to England and studying there and I also considered Poland. I was born and raised there and would love to live there since that culture is a huge part of my life, even here in the States. BUT I decided agains both because studying in London would not help me at all with my Finance/Economics major. As for Poland, I felt that would be the easy way out for me...I know lthe language, the culture, and wanted more of a challange I guess.

I would say go with Austria. It is a beatiful country and you can always visit your homeland on weeknds
But in the end, its what makes you happy.

Let me know how it goes and best of luck!