stupid eyelashes!! help :(


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so Ive tried EVERYTHING to get my natural lashes to curl and nothing seems to be working
any recs tips or tricks ladies??


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What have you tried?

My lashes are poker-straight unless I do the following routine:

1. Curl one eye with Shu Uemura lash curler.
2. Coat the curled lashes with Shiseido "The Makeup" Mascara Base Primer
3. Immediately coat the curled/primed lashes with mascara - any type is fine, but I use Shiseido's Comb-through Mascara most. Do NOT wait for the primer to dry or it's really hard to pull the mascara through the lashes.

The primer is what really helps me hold the curl. The Shu Uemura curler works better for my eye shape than anything else I've tried - including the Shiseido one.

Also, heated curlers never worked for me, but I haven't tried a heated curler + the primer. I am thoroughly convinced it's the primer that makes the curl last, not the curler or the mascara.


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i usually put my shu Uemura curler under my blow dryer for like 5 seconds. This helps heat it up a little so my eyelashes curl easier ( kinda same thing to curling your hair with a heated curling iron rather than a cold one) Just becareful to test how hot ur eyelash curler got so you don't burn ur eyelids. I usually just kinda test it on the inside of my wrist. Also u could heat up ur eyelash curler by running it under hot water for a while. HTH!


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sounds like you need a heated curler, don't heat up your reg one, buy one that is made to be heated... and you might want to try to use MACs eyelash primer and then apply your regular mascara.


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i have heard of some ladies that they get PERMS for their lashes. a lash-perming, is that the word for it? sorry my english is shit

did you try that?

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