Stupid question- traveling!


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Ok.. I know this sounds stupid but I just need to ask (to make sure)... I'm going to FL, and I just want to make sure what kind of restrictions are there? I can put any amount of m/u into the bag that's not going to the plane with me, right? Its just the bag I have with me that's regulated?
Can I have opened lip gloss with me, or no? Sorry, I probably sound so dumb, I just don't travel a lot (by airplane) and don't know.


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Yes, you can have any amount of makeup as long as you check it. I had a few glosses with me on the plane, but I made sure when I was checking in I put them in a Ziplock bag. My dad has had a water bottle with him that they made him throw away, so they are pretty strict.


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You can have makeup on your carry-on, but it's gotta be within TSA Guidelines. Always check that site for updates before you travel, and you'll run into way less hassles.

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