Style or Peaches Blush?


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i don't own either (but they are on my to buy list)..

but i had the MA put peaches on me when i purchased my foundation just recently and peaches blush is extremely peachy! not pinky peach, but peach! lol..

melba is another peachy blush


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I wouldn't compare there two bc they are both different in color and finishes.

But if I had to, I would pick Peaches! Its my fav go to peach blush.

I don't like Style, I much prefer Springsheen for the subtle gold and pink sheen it has than Style. Style is very similar though but to me, it's a bit overpowering.


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I don't have Style, but Peaches is my HG! I thought it would be too peach (because it's straight up orangey peach), but it brightens up my face tremendously.

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