Stylistics at counters?


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I searched for this I couldn't find anything so I thought I'd just post. Is the new Stylistics line available at MAC counters?


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Oh no
I thought it was gonna be in Canada, I was excited for this collection, I love the packaging. I especially thought it was coming to Canada since I got a postcard for it o_O Maybe Ill be lucky and for some reason the store here will get Stylistics, like they got the dollymix quad when the barbie collection was realeased


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i saw it at Nordstrom. its only available at certain counters. not all counters. please don't ask me what counters its located at because i don't know. i remember reading somewhere in this forum that its available at Nordstrom counters.


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I don't have a clue as to what the release will be like in Canada, I just know that in the US, it's available at stores and online. I hadn't heard anything about select Nordies either. My Nordstrom didn't have it. Regardless, I would search within the Stylistics Thread for more info.