Suavecita Lipstick (2015)

Dolly Snow

Suavecita Pomade Beauty

So Suavecita is a brand known for their hair care, mainly pomade.​
Also known for their male alternative Suavecito Pomade.​
But now they are branching out into cosmetics, a line of Lipsticks & I hope much more!​

So far we know

$13, Online now
Victory- true red (matte)
Cita- warm nude (matte)
Luna- Midnight sky blue (matte)
Frenchy- Magenta Pink (matte)
Cosmos- Violet Purple (matte)
Mirror, Mirror- Deep Burgundy (matte)
Sirena- Teal (matte)
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Dolly Snow

Some swatches from Suavecita Pomade on IG

(L-R) Cosmos, Mirror Mirror, Victory, Sirena, Cita, Luna & Frenchy
All lipsticks are vegan & cruelty-free & matte!

Dolly Snow

Suavecita was kind enough to send Specktra some lovely products! Not pictured Pomade & Dry Shampoo!

Since I started this thread, Suavecita has come out with some lovely products!

Lip Grips (Liquid Lipsticks) $15 each
Makeup Brushes (prices vary)


Review & Swatches to come. Stay tuned.

Dolly Snow

Eyebrow Pomade Retractable Pencils (prices vary) launches tomorrow too! 5 shades in total ??????

Swatches via [MENTION=103769]Adi[/MENTION]lenexoxo on ig


Dolly Snow

Hi all,

Suavecita Lip Grips, $15 each

The formula is thick & mousse like. The applicator is your standard doe-foot & for me the tubes are super well made & have special details (I'll post them below)!

The formula feels light & airy on the lips. Removal is a breeze. The formula seemed to be consistent throughout the range except for one shade. I'll explain in a min. It didn't crumble or feel tight on the lips, which seems to be a common thing with some liquid lipsticks. They do have a retro look upon drying.

Their shade descriptions are below:

Tenacity - a magnificent shade of mauve with a hint of pink
Valor - a crimson red
Dauntless - a grey brown with purple undertones
Fortitude - burgundy dark red with cool undertones.
Reina - a blackened purple with blue undertones


While all the shades performed well, my least favorite shade is Reina. That pains me to say because the color is right up my alley. However, the formula took a bit of work to get even. It is patchy & definitely needs two light coats to get completely even.

These have been sent to for review & this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

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