Subtle Racism


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I find nothing wrong with it either. And I've definitely experienced racism before. But I honestly think you should think nothing of that comment, I believe it was just to make conversation and she was just being social. She wasn't even comparing your job to a babysitters job, she was just talking about their ethnic backgrounds. It's not a big deal. Brazilian women are beautiful and you should be flattered, not bothered!

And in no way was I trying to insult you so don't take this the wrong way.
Feel better!


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I dunno, but I think it was just curiosity on the womans part. Don't be offended by it, it's not worth it.


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Wow. I am kind of stunned by your post. I don't see anything offensive in what she said... but then I don't look down on babysitters! These are the people she entrusts with the care of the most important people in her life. Actually, regardless, even if she'd said her cleaner was Brazilian I don't think it would have been offensive. It's only offensive if you view those with jobs that you don't need a degree to do as somehow inferior to everyone else. THAT to me is offensive.


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I kinda think you're too sensitive, because to me it sounds like she was just making conversation. Like if I said to somebody is your name Scottish, my babysitters Scottish, nobody would bat an eyelid. If it bothers you just ignore it, I wouldn't take it personally.


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There are two options here.

Either she is racist and was being passive-aggressive... or she's really inexperienced with ethnic diversity and is horribly clumsy discussing it.

THIS. Either way, I'd be slightly annoyed too.


It's just one of those "I-just-start-chatting-without-thinking-about-how-i-word-things" kinda situation if you ask me... my mom is brazilian and my dad is spanish. since we live in germany, one of my mom's co-workers wondered how she ended up here and my mom told her "oh i met my husband in brazil and came with him to germany" and the lady's answer was "yes, german men seem to be very popular over there since they usually have a lot of money" ... kind of implying that the only reason you'd marry a foreign man is to come with him to his home country. it probably wasn't meant to be offensive but it still sounded kinda weird. my mom's reply was "my husband isn't german and i had more in brazil than i have now"
i know this is slightly off-topic, i guess my point is just that sometimes people don't THINK before they talk. lol ;)

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